AST BIOS Post Codes

AST introduced an enhanced BIOS in 1992 with 3 beeps before all early POST failure messages.  Otherwise, the most sifnificant digit of the POST code indicates the number of long beeps and the least significant digit indicates the short beeps.  After 20, this dosen't work.

 00   Reserved; Beep and halt if error occurs 
 01   Test CPU registers 
 02   Test the 8042 keyboard controller buffer 
 03   Test the 8042 keyboard controller reset 
 04   Verify presence of keyboard and check communication 
 05   Read keyboard input port (WS386SX16) 
 06   Initialize system board support chipset 
 09   Test BIOS ROM checksum 
 0D   Test 8254 programmable interrupt timer registers (13 short beeps) 
 0E   Test ASIC registers (CLEM only, 14 short beeps) 
 0F   Test CMOS RAM shutdown byte (15 short beeps) 
 10   Test DMA controller 0 registers 
 11   Test DMA controller 1 registers 
 12   Test DMA page registers (EGA.VGA vertical retrace failed) 
 13   EGA/VGA RAM test failed 
 14   Test memory refresh toggle (EGA/VGA CRT registers failed) 
 15   Test base 64KB memory 
 16   Set interrupt vectors in base memory 
 17   Initialize video 
 18   Test display memory 
 20   EISA bus board power on (EISA systems only) 
 30   Test programmable interrupt controller #1 mask register 
 31   Test programmable interrupt controller #2 mask register 
 32   Test programmable interrupt controller's for stuck interrupts 
 33   Test for stuck NMI (P386 25.33, P486, CLAM and EISA) 
 34   Test for stuck DDNIL status (CLEM only) 
 40   Test CMOS RAM backup battery 
 41   Calculate and verify CMOS checksum 
 42   Setup CMOS RAM options (except WS386SX16) 
 50   Test the protected mode 
 51   Test protected mode exceptions 
 60   Calculate RAM size 
 61   Test RAM 
 62   Test shadow RAM (WS386SX16, P386 25/33, P486, CLEM, EISA); test cache (P386/16) 
 63   Test cache memory (P386 25/33, P486, CLEM, EISA); copy video BIOS to shadow RAM (p386C, P386/16, WS386SX16) 
 64   Copy system BIOS to shadow RAM (P386 25/33, P486, CLEM,EISA); Copy video BIOS to shadow RAM (P386 16, WS386SX16) 
 65   Copy video BIOS to shadow RAM P386 25/33, P486, CLEM,EISA); Test cache (WS386SX16) 
 66   Test 8254 programmable interrupt timer channel 2 (P386 25/33, P486, EISA) 
 67   Initialize memory (Eagle only)