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These are some of the things I try to bring with me when I have to fix computers (Hardware or Software) or networks. Most will be helpful for all types of PC or network troubleshooting/repair. Each persons situation is different and will need tools/softare for the type of work you regularly do. Pick an choose from the lists to make your own toolbox for your own situation.

A multi-tool (like the leatherman wave) can replace many tools listed below. It will get you out of many jams.
A set of screw drivers (flathead and phillips) about 4 sizes of each from medium to small sizes. Also, a set of very tiny ones for laptops.
A set of hex and torx bits.
Wire cutters and wire strippers.
Needle nosed and regular pliers.
Shrink wrap tubing.
Magnet on a stick (for retriving screws that fall in tight spaces).
Regular magnet to keep all of your screws together or just a small container. Heck tape all the screws to the side of the machine.
Small flashlight (I like the mini-maglight).
Pocket knife.
Electric and Duct tape. Also, some super glue could help.
Measuring tape.
Paperclip (for ejecting stuck CD's).
Plastic jumpers to open and close pins on boards.
Zip and velcro ties.
A kit to mount a 3.5-inch drive in a 5.25-inch bay.
Good known pieces of hardware (w/drivers would help): NIC (PCI and handy USB NIC) and PCI Video card. The more generic (and a little older) the better so that most OS's have drivers. Also, all other pieces of hardware could come in handy. Hard drive,CDROM,Floppy Drive,mouse,keyboard,etc.
Many different types of cables: CAT-5 patch cable (25',15',6'), crossover cable (or crossover box), rollover cable (for cisco routers), IDE cable (ATA100 and the ATA33), floppy cable,power cable.
Pen/Pencil and a pad of paper.
Can of compressed air.
Spare floppy disks.
Cheap (in case it gets broken) laptop (with PCMCIA nic and modem). For downloading anything needed or checking net connections and tons of other stuff.
Punch down tool for patch panels or phone blocks.
RJ-45 crimper and ends.
Spool of CAT5E cable and RJ45 ends.
Outlet polarity and ground tester.
ATX Power Supply Tester.Antec has a good one.
RJ-45/RJ-11 cable tester.
Laptop IDE to 40pin IDE adaptor.
Dental mirror.
Forceps and or channel locks.
Lockpick set. (You never know.)
Magnifing glass.
Lots of different gender/type changers. Any you can get your hands on like: PS2 keyboard to AT keyboard. PS2 mouse to serial mouse.
Cable tracer tone generator kit.
Label maker.
Knoppix Linux boot CD. This CD has so many tools you won't need much more.
Make a good DOS boot disk. Make sure it has FDISK,FORMAT,EDIT,MSCDEX,SCANDISK,and Generic ATAPI driver. If you can, start with a WIN98 boot disk.
Memtest86. Put on bootable ISO or bootdisk. Tests RAM.
Windows operating system cd's: Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP.
Windows operating system service packs.
Other Helpful Stuff
Legal Drugs: Tylenol/Advil/Ibuprofen/Excedrin, Imodium, etc.
Snacks. Dry non-perishable food (pretzels,crackers,candy). And water.