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How to setup your own FTP

OK, let's start.
What's FXPing ?
Well simply put: It's when you're transferring files from one server to another.
So what ?
Well, because the transfer is going from one server to another, it's using the two server's connection speed to transfer files.
So even if you are on 56k, but you are transfering files from one T3 server to another, you can get such speeds as 1000 kb/s
or even more.
I once saw a 19.000 kb/s transfer !!!
The best I personally got was just above 1000 kb/s
OK, GREAT !!! Why is it called FXPing by the way ?
Because most commonly used program to transfer files is called " FlashFxp ".
What is FlashFxp ?
It's a simply an FTP Client, just like WS_ftp Pro, BulletProof FTP, SmartFTP, CUte_Ftp ...and others.
With one important difference - it can transfer files not only from server to your hdd, but also from server to server.
Is there any other such program ?
Yes, but they suck. Trust me, all 'pro's use FlashFxp, and it's great to just download aswell.
OK, I'm up for it...where can I get FlashFxp ?
Go to
OK, I got it, now what ?
Hehe, now comes the 'hard work' part.
You need to find servers from which you will fxp.
How do I find servers ?
You can find servers (commonly reffered to as: PUBS or DUMPS) by SCANNING.
What is Scanning ?
It's looking for free servers.
OK, How?
First you need a good scanning IP range.
What I usually do is this:
1.) Open some PC Magazine
2.) Look for some ad, like:
3.) Open DOS prompt
4.) In DOS promt write: ping
5.) I get IP, for example: 123.456.20.21
OK - we'll stop here, write down the IP.
NOW in order to scan we need a scanning program.
Best ones you can find at:
Most common ones are: 'FTP Scanner' or 'Omega Scanner' or 'Grim's Ping'.
Get either of these at the site above and launch them.
In the Scan address are write the IP you got above, example: 123.456.20.21
And set it to scan from:
Important: only change last 2 digits, cause first two would be too broad scan, and you wouldn't find anything.
OK, I scanned and found some anonymous ftps, now what ?
Well, you need to log into them and try to make a directory.
Usually you'll want the directory to be somewhat hidden, so you can make such directories as:
".tmp" or ".temp" or ". tmp" or " .tmp" etc...
The "." and " " (space) are important because they are hidden from most ftp clients and sometimes even the system itself.
You should make these somewhere deep into server's dir structure, so they will be harder to find.
OK, I get it, but can I get caught ?
Yea, sometimes the server owner find you or your files, and delete them, and if they have your IP can sent it to your ISP and inform them of warez.
So what do I do to protect myself ?
In FlashFxp you can configure it to surf to ftp via proxy.

What is proxy ?
Proxy is a remote server, a re-direction sort of, if you surf to ftp via proxy, the ftp owner will get displayed proxy's IP and not your's.
SUPER! Is this 100% Safe ?
Unfortunately No, there's no such thing as 100%.
You can get a list of anonymous proxy servers to surf through at:
OK, but it's safer, right ?
Yes, and as long as you keep it warez strictly, the chances are that the ftp owner will just delete them, and forget about you.
Right... So do I need to upload to ftp server ?
NO. This is a common mistake, as I said in beginning, you don't upload, but you transfer from another server.
COOL. But where do I get the other server ?
Heh, I'm afraid there you're on your own.
You can either ask someone who is on cable or higher to fxp from their ftp to server or some pub you find...etc...
I found ftp, but the files won't transfer ???
Well remember this: You CAN'T FXP From NT to NT server.
And since 90% of servers are NT, this definately is A problem.
So you DO NEED to fxp either from UNIX pub or from private ftp.
How you find them is up to you.
I can't help you there.
You can also FXP to free web space providers, such as FortuneCity, or Xoom etc.
If I somehow succeed and actually make a pub, how long it will stay undeleted ?
Hard to say, some get down in matter of hours, and some stay up for months.
You also should be aware that there are such scumbags out there, reffered to as "deleters".
These are just some loosers, looking for ftps so they can delete them.
So making hidden dirs, as I disribed before, is important.
OK, I hope I explained everything.
Just give it a try, and you'll see it's fun.
If you're lucky, and get a fast ftp, with atleast 100 kb/s, you can fill it with 10 or more games in an hour!
So it is exciting.
If you got ANY questions, please feel free to ask.
I am doing this in hope some of you will become more then just downloaders.
Some "highest ranked" people I know in the scene are on 56k, and are Courriers, which means they have access to almost everything.
So there is such thing as "scene advancing".
You can also advance if you join some FXP group, there are such around, but they usually only accept experienced FXPers.
So before you go asking them to join, you should know how to make pubs.
FXP groups usually have fast ftps where you can FXP from...


Here's 1 good trick:

Since NT > NT is a NO GO

You can make a UNIX ftp (if you find it), "PUBSTRO"
What you do is find and fill a UNIX ftp, and fxp from it to NT pubs, then Publish the NT one to people to download, and you still have the UNIX one to fill even more NT's.
And speed between UNIX or also SunOS works great, to NT's IS GREAT, can go up TO 1000 kb/s
So you can make a few GigaBYte FTP PUB in a matter of 1 hour.
But I will disclose the secret of finding UNIX or SunOS only to those who accomplish some results.
1 last thing; How do I know how big the Hard Disk drive of the ftp is ? (How much space it has)
You can't, you just fxp to it, and hope it's BIG.
Should I delete some of the ftp owners files to make more space for myself ?
NO ! It's not ethical, you are using someone's ftp and you should be thankful it's there.
And besize, if you delete, something from someone, they will get pissed at you and will try to find you and report you.

Otherwise almost all of them 'look away, and just delete your warez.
Then you go find some other pub and fill it...and so on....



FXP Tutorial source: The Ultimate board

Version 1.2, 01-03-2000

What is FXP?
FXP stands for File eXchange Protocol and it let's you copy files from one FTP-server to another using a FXP-client (see the downloads section). Normally you transfer files using the FTP protocol between your machine and a FTP-server, and the maximum transfer speed depends on the speed of your Internet connection (e.g. 56k, cable or T1). When transferring files between two remote hosts using a FXP client, the maximum transfer speed does not depend on you're connection but only on the connection between the two host, which is usually much faster than your own connection. Because it's a direct connection you won't be able to see the progress or the transfer speed of the files.

Although FXPing is very easy, there are a few restrictions to transferring the files. Both hosts have to support PASV mode and must allow PORT commands to foreign hosts. The FXP client tells the destination FTP to listen for a connection by sending a "PASV" command. The source FTP then connects to the data port reported by the destination server (after a success PASV command). So all the data goes directly from the source to the destination FTP and both servers do only report status messages on fail/success to the FTP client. At least one of the two remote hosts has to be a non-NT FTP-server, like a UNIX host or anything else. You can move files from a non-NT FTP-server to a NT FTP-server and the other way around, but you CANNOT FXP from a NT to an NT. One way to get by this limitation is using a Wingate (see the security section).

FXPing is fun, but the last thing you want is some sysop who is walking around your pc. Or even worse a sysop that contacts your isp and makes sure your account gets terminated, or one that turns you in to the cops... U can be identified by your computer's ip, that is why you should always use a proxyserver or a wingate when you connect to the internet.

A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet. The data you request comes to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you. Usually, proxy servers are used to increase the effective speed of your connection to the Internet, because they save files that are requested most often in a special database called "cache". As a result, the information you need may already be present in cache by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately. In most cases, however, proxies do inform the target server about the address of the computer that made the request, transmitting your IP-address in different forms. Anonymous proxy servers don't transfer the information about the IP-address of the client, and hide the information about you and your surfing interests. Besides that, some proxy servers can also hide the very fact that your are surfing through a proxy server! One of the safest kind of proxies is the socks proxyserver.(it was originally intended as firewall). You can check whether a proxy is really anonymous or not on one of these sites. Lists of anonymous proxy servers can also be found there.

Another way of hiding your identity and transfer your files is using a wingate. Wingate is installed and run on a Windows 9x/ NT computer and used as a server for a lan. All other pc's connected to the lan will access the internet through this Wingate. Wingates work a little differently then socks proxy servers. If you log onto both sites using the same port , the files you want to transfer between the two sites are going through the wingate. The advantage to this is that it will allow you to FXP files to/from sites you could not before. The disadvantage is, the speed of your transfer is limited by the speed of the wingate you are using. Wingates are usually very busy and because of that very slow. Unless you absolutely can not make two sites FXP to each other, you probably do not want to use a wingate, as it will slow down your transfer 99.99% of the time. Wingates offer you a lot of services, but make sure when you are transfering files you always use port 21, not 23!

The easiest way of finding a proxy server or Wingate is to check a list on one these sites. However the proxies that are on these lists are usually heavyly used, and die soon because of that reason. The best way to get your hands on a good proxy is scan one yourself using a standard port or a special proxy scanner.

Sharing your files

If you want to share your files, but do not want dozens of people sucking up your bandwidth, this is the way to go: First find at least two pubs (anonymous FTP-servers). Use one FTP-server as a "store-site". You first transfer your files to this pub and send them to any other pub you want. Make sure that the first pub is a deletable one, and the second one (preferably) a non-deletable . Always clear the store-site not too long after you have transferred your files. Together with the fact that only you are accessing this site will make sure that the sysop will probably never notice that you are using it.

Why using a intermediate site in stead of transferring the files directly to a site that you're going to share with others? Those published sites usually do not last very long. First, the pub you are sharing will get very busy and because the sysop is probably wondering where all that traffic is coming from he will discover your files and he will delete them or shut the server down. Second there are the deleters (F**k you Pussy!). These people are out there to destroy your nice pub. In general they first download the files they want and then delete files leaving the empty dirs behind. When your pub gets deleted you will not have to upload all your files using your "slow" connection again to another pub, just simply use the fast connection from your store-site. This saves loads of time.

Finding Pubs

In order to publish a pub, you will first need to find one :-). The best way to do this is using a portscanner. These programs can scan series of ip's on public FTP's. Some of these scanners can also ping a site (see how fast it is), check for anonymous login and see whether you have write and delete rights. The directory attribute you are looking for is Dwrxwrxwrx, but others can work too. Dirs that often allow uploading are: pub (that is where the name comes from), incoming, _vti_pvt and upload. The fastest way to scan pubs is using FTP scanner. This program scans by default, up to 100 threads at the same time, on port 21 and checks for anonymous access. The easiest way of finding pubs is using Grim's Ping. It is slower than FTP scanner (max 5 threads), but it can also check for dir attributes. By the default it only checks the dirs named above, but you are able to change this. Scanning like this saves loads of time. It is also possible to run more than one copy of Ping at the same time.

There's no use in scanning random ip's, because most ip's will not have a public FTP-server running. Large companies and especially universities (fast connection) are a good target. First lookup a website using a searchengine (e.g. Altavista), for instance the Technical University of Prague ( Now use a ping commando (supplied with win 9x and nt) to find out the ip (in this case Third thing to do is scan an ip range. Since this is a university, which has loads of hosts, we will scan the whole 147.32.x.x to 147.33.x.x ip-range for anonymous FTP-sites. When you are scanning a corporate website just scan the 147.32.240-50.x range. Once you have found one check whether you can write and delete files. The last thing to do is test the speed of your newly found pub. You can do this by using any ping commando and see what kind of value it returns, the lower the better. If you have found a site that is anonymous, has write rights and great speed……Just fill it!

Transferring files & Creating directories

Open your FXP client and connect to the first remote host. Make sure this is a non-NT pub! Connect to the second host as well. The next thing you have to do is creating directories for your files. Make sure they are somewhat hidden, otherwise the sysop or, even worse, those damn deleters will clear your pub before you've filled it. Usually you only have writing rights in the /pub (that's where the name comes from) or the /incoming dir. Create here a dir called tmp or something else people will not recognize as a unusual dir on a anonymous FTP.

The rest of your path should be hidden. This can be done by placing points (.) in the name of the dir (e.g. /.FXP) or using spaces (e.g. / FXP). The best method is however using the tilde (/~FXP). Clicking on a dir containing this symbol causes the remote host to change the dir to the root! A well hidden dir with your stuff could look like this:[2 spaces] ~/.my/~pub/…for/.[2spaces]FXP/myfiles. The last thing to do is just simply drag and drop files in your FXP-client from one host to the other, the rest goes naturally?